DayOne A Picture a Day


A New Year and a new goal. This year I am trying to post a picture a day for the whole year. Now I am not sure if I will achieve this but one thing that I have got going for me to help is that I love to take pictures.

Fortunately for #picaday it can be a picture of anything so like on day 4 (January the 4th) where it just rained all day I took a picture of my 20 year old Taz mug ?

20 year old Taz Mug
20 year old Taz Mug

I know also a couple of folks I know on Twitter that are also doing this so it’s interesting to see what other people are posting. I guess in a way it’s also good as it’s your memories for the year. Also another good thing is that if you do a search in Twitter there are lots of other people not just using DayOne but just using the hashtag #picaday so if they want to they can just do a search with the hashtag, with mine I am also using another hashtag of #2016 to denote that it’s this year. You can use any hashtag you want to personalise it to bring up (hopefully) just your pictures.

This will be my first main use of DayOne as even though I have owned the app since 2013 all I mainly did was add a picture or a post of where I had been on holiday (another great use of DayOne is to use it as a travel journal).

As Day One also allows you to publish pictures to the DayOne site and allows you to share with just your family and friends or as I do on [](http s://, Twitter and maybe facecrap.

Here are the first 5 days of pics.

So who else is up for the #picaday challenge?

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