Great Customer Service Experience

We have all been there and received customer service whether it was good or bad, and then we have great customer service and unfortunately this type of customer service is rare (or it has been for myself).

I had purchased an Anker 4 port Aluminium hub as it matched my iMac ( you know how we get fussy and want everything to look good) as I wanted something to charge my iPhone while sat working at the desk. When it arrived I was impressed how good it looked, had a nice feel to it so I was initially happy with it. I plugged it into the iMac and then plugged in the iPhone to charge it which it did. However as I used it I found when I had other items plugged into the hub it was hit and miss if it would charge. I initially thought it may be a faulty hub but as I had already thrown out the box rather than return it I would keep it and just not try and charge the iPhone with it but was fine with USB Sticks and such like.

Anker 4 Port USB3 Aluminium hub

As I had bought it from Amazon I left feedback (3 stars) basically saying what I had said earlier in this post about it looking good but it was hit and miss on whether the iPhone would charge or not and said I thought it was overpriced because of it and left it at that.

I received an email from a lady called Rita from Anker customer service regarding the feedback I had provided. A few emails later with Rita asking what I was trying to do with the hub it was pointed out that the hub I had purchased was not meant as a charger for iPhones, iPads etc but I had not read the full disclosure in the specifications of the hub (who reads these? as I know I don’t) I then realised it was probably the reason the iPhone wouldn’t charge if there was anything else plugged into it.

Now at this point this is not Anker’s fault it is mine but Rita said she would send me another hub which would better suit my needs. Now Anker did not have to do this but they want their customers to have a great experience when purchasing their products and if there are any issues they will try and rectify the issues the customers are having (or at least this is my experience) and this is not the first time Anker have done this.

A few days later I received an Anker 60w Powered hub that had 7 USB ports and 3 IQ ports that automatically detect how much power the device needs to charge. After a week or so of using it I couldn’t be more happier. It has charged an iPhone, iPad and Anker E3 portable charger (I have the 1st Gen which still works perfectly and I use it all the time) with external drives and USB drives plugged into it without it even getting warm.

IQ 7 Port USB 3 Hub

Anker iq

I would like to say a big thank you to Rita from Anker Customer Service for all the help she gave me.

I have a few Anker products and it as always good to know whether rightly or wrongly when you buy a product if there is an issue they will always try to rectify it.

Its a shame there are not a lot more companies out there that take the customer experience to another level and look after their customers as good as Anker does.

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